Cut Rig Downtime, Increase Productivity, Gain Accuracy – The New Axis Champ Gyro can.

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Another ground breaking product launched into the market by Digital Surveying is that of the Champ Gyro developed and supplied by Axis Mining Technology. This highly innovative, memory based north seeking gyro allows high accuracy measurements inside diamond core or RC rods.

When a Champ Gyro is run in Champ OSA, prolonged standing time and delays are eliminated when measuring with a standard EMS or Gyro system. By minimising standing time, actual drill meters can be increased exponentially.  Being a North Seeking gyro, accuracy is far increased against the standard EMS or non-north seeking reference Gyro which is known to have a greater deviation factor.

The following illustration make use of drill rate and cost assumptions to demonstrate the benefits obtained from using a Champ Gyro against that of a standards EMS directional instrument:


Therefore, if your priority is to minimise the charge to customer for downtime and to increase revenue through meters drilled, and, to end the hole on target more accurately, the Champ Gyro exclusively provided by Digital Surveying is the answer.

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