Significantly increase drilling
productivity by surveying every time
you pull core with a Champ Gyro or
Champ Navigator in a Champ OSA

More drilling, less standing time.

Authorised distributor

Azimuth Aligner

Mining with Confidence...

Out of the box, attach to the rod,
align and ready to go in 5 min


Full range of Directional and Core Orientation tools and accessories available. Please see links below for full specifications on our equipment.

Digital Surveying provides a Product Advantage with all our rental equipment. With in house technical expertise we can help you select the right equipment for every project.

Directional Equipment
Running Gear and Accessories
  • Core Orientation Equipment
    • Core Barrel Extension Rods (Inner and Outer tubes – BQ to PQ)
    • Shipping cases
  • Electronic Multishot Accessories
    • Landing Shoulders (NQ – PQ)
    • Orientation Mule Shoe
    • E-pine / E-Box Adaptors
    • Extension Rods (1.5m)
  • North Seeking and MEM’s Gyro Accessories
    • BQ – HQ Inline Centralizer Kits
    • Sighting Devices
    • Gyro Running gear 38mm
    • Field PC
    • Survey Winch

Product Advantage

  • DS Product indemnity for all risk (except theft)
  • Immediate swap out services from South Africa or Ghana
  • Consignment and backup stock options
  • Short minimum rental period
  • On-going technical support
  • On-site training

Our Suppliers