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Digital Surveying Services

Digital Surveying uses only the most cutting-edge current technologies to provide a full suite of end-to-end surveying services and solutions. Some of the services we provide are detailed below.


Utilising only the most advanced and reputable geophysical technologies, Digital Surveying offers a full suite of downhole geophysical, geotechnical and hydrogeological logging services. Combined with our north seeking continous gyro services and extensive products portfolio we provide a complete turnkey solution.

  • HD Optical Televiewer
  • HD Acoustical Televiewer
  • Gamma Ray Spectral
  • Full Wave Sonic
  • Dual Induction
  • Induced Polarization
  • Magnetic Susceptibility
  • Natural Gamma
  • Dual Density
  • Spectral Gamma
  • BH Magnetic Resonance
  • BH Radar
  • Ground Penetrating Radar


Critical input to your Hydrogeological model off the back of a logging truck…

  • Characterise storage and flow capacity of sub-surface formations
  • Acquire porosity measurements without radioactive sources
  • Replace packer testing and reduce costs by 60-70%
  • Reduce laboratory analysis by 60-70%
  • BMR60 now with natural gamma combination log
  • No radioactive source


  • Cover holes: Imaging potholes, dykes, water bearing fissures and hazardous anomalies ahead of mining.
  • Geological holes: Imaging mineralised reefs ahead of mining in relation to borhole.
  • Pilot holes for Shaft and Raise Bore: Off-hole mapping structural and geotechnical information
  • Mine Development Planning: 3D modelling of mineralized reef, kimberlite diatremes and identifying anomalies.
  • Surface Exploration: Supplements OTV and ATV by providing off-hole geotech information.


UltraGPR employs cutting-edge transmitters and receivers to achieve unmatched penetration to 120 m+

  • Surface GPR technology used in over 90 countries for geotechnical and exploration projects
  • Highly portable design allows 10’s of line km to be surveyed in a day
  • Geotechnical
    • Depth to bedrock
    • Slope stability (fracture mapping)
    • Void detection in 3D
  • Exploration
    • Kimberlite delineation
    • Paleochannel mapping
    • Weathering sequence surveys


Surface Readout

DS’ high-speed high-accuracy gyro services are deployed from our modern, well equipped logging vehicles. Ideal for larger scale, high value drilling programs where productivity and verifiable accuracy are of the utmost importance. Call-out or dedicated on-site services available.

DS utilises the very latest in north seeking technology, the Champ Gyro SRO which offers incredible reliability and performance with high speed continuous survey capability at speeds of up to 100m per minute as well as singleshot, multishot or orientation modes of operation – in real time.

Why use DS Gyro Services?

  • Proven track record with most major mining companies in Africa and easily the most experienced Gyro service provider in Africa.
  • Comprehensive “closed loop” quality control system applied to every survey.
  • DS land surveyed and certified calibration stands either on-site or at our South African, Botswana or Ghana facilities.
  • Web-based client access to DS dataServ data management portal
  • Flexibility to deploy DS geophysical, geotechnical, hydro-geological service via same logging vehicle.



DS provides call-out and dedicated on-site services using Axis’ next generation Champ Navigator north seeking solid state memory gyro system. With onPoint ART technology DS can survey both underground and surface boreholes of any size, depth and inclination in any application including:

  • High speed continuous surveying via rig cable or DS wireline
  • Multishot surveys and orientation of wedges or motors (incl. vertical orientation)
  • End of hole rod pull survey (replacing surface EMS rod pull surveys)
  • Underground horizontal pump-in or rod pull surveys
  • Fast, efficient and reliable blast hole surveying

DS is the Authorised Distributer for Axis Mining Technology in Africa and has established Axis certified calibration stands as well as holding back-up and consignment stock of all Axis Gyro products allowing for 24 hour replacement of damaged tooling.

Only DS can ensure reliable performance, on-time, every-time.


Rental + Man + QC

High Performance, Highly Mobile, Cost Effective Gyro Services Solution

Utilising the Champ Navigator memory north seeking gyro system DS now provides a reduced cost gyro rental and surveying service for dedicated on-site projects with deployment from the drill rig wireline or drill rod deployment.

Ideal for remote locations or for cost sensitive projects which require high performance and quality control DS can mobilise to any project at short notice with the following assets:

  • Experienced gyro engineer
  • Champ Navigator gyro system
  • Axis’ electronic depth encoder (providing wireless and automatic depth integration)
  • Axis’ rig alignment mount enabling DS engineer to align drill rigs
  • Four quadrant field test stand enabling day to day calibration control

Why use DS Rental + Man + QC Gyro Services?

  • DS Survey & QC report for every survey.
  • Option of Axis onSite Data Management or DS dataServ
  • Establishment of Axis field test stand
  • Alignment and setup of all drill rigs by DS gyro engineer
  • Low monthly fixed cost – all inclusive (including full downhole coverage)

Data Management Systems

DS dataServ™

All data, survey and QC reports acquired through any DS service is stored in our dataServ facility which offers clients secure access as and when required.

  • FTP based server offers unfettered access to survey data, final reports and QA/QC reporting – on demand
  • Database is encrypted offering premium level security for your valuable data
  • All data archived from job site via cloud technology to dataServ.
  • Direct access “online” via web-based login to nominated customer personel