Utilizing the latest technology in borehole surveying equipment and by specialising in directional surveying, Digital Surveying provides the following high precision quality Surveying Services…

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Borehole Radar
  • Cover / Geological Holes
  • Long inclined Boreholes
  • Pilot shaft holes / Exploration
  • Panel Surveying (Tactical ahead of mining)
  • Fan modelling
  • Blast Holes
  • Roof-bolting

Featured Service

Borehole Radar

Full range of borehole radar services utilizing only the most advanced radar technology giving unprecedented short range and resolution capabilities.

Type Range (Granite) Resolutions
Recon 1 – 80m 10cm (pixel size)
Tactical 50cm – 50m 6cm (pixel size)
Blast 40cm – 50m 4cm (pixel size)