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Chief Financial Officer

Johannesburg, South Africa

Job Type

Full Time, Permanent

About the Role

The company is seeking a seasoned finance professional with strong technical abilities in international tax systems, consolidations, and reporting. As a pivotal member of the management team, the CFO will work closely with various departments to ensure the integrity, efficiency, and strategic alignment of the financial functions within the organization. This role will encompass responsibility for driving efficient reporting and strategic financial planning to support the company growth and continued success. A large portion of the role is attributed to compliance with multiple tax systems across Africa and monthly reporting on operational level.
The successful candidate will either be based at the Edenvale or Carletonville branch however frequent travel between these two offices will be required.


What we are looking for:

We are looking for a technically strong chartered accountant who has a hands-on approach, with a minimum of 5 years of experience in managing teams of all levels, preferably with international experience in professional (geophysical, mining, civil engineering) services. Our ideal candidate will have extensive experience with Xero and other accounting packages (Evolution / ERP’s).  Hands-on experience with multiple global tax systems and thorough knowledge of Double Taxation Agreements.

Start date would be between 22 January 24 and 1 February 24.

Should you not receive a response within 2 weeks, please consider your application unsuccessful.

Key Duties

·       Maintaining integrity of financial data for foreign and local entities ensuring compliance with IFRS and GAAP.

·       Develop financial and business strategies.

·       Financial management, forecasting and reporting.

·       Risk management.

·       Revenue Cycle management

·       Working capital management.

·       Oversight of Payroll and statutory requirements, Income Tax, VAT etc.

·       Contribution to commercial strategy.

·       Evaluation and recommendations to ensure efficiency and effective systems and procedures.

·       Support of the Exco team


·       Align financial strategy with business strategy and goals

·       Produce meaningful, accurate and timely management accounts

·       Ensure business plans and forecasts are up to date and reflect agreed strategy

·       Ensure financial reports are understood and acted on by budget holders/ decision makers

·       Explain variances between planned and actual performance

·       Identify and report on key value drivers of the business

·       Supervise, coach and develop global finance team


Risk Management

·       Ensure that business risks are identified, understood and are appropriate

·       Safeguard business assets (e.g. equipment, cash, property and people) including insurance

·       Maintain and monitor adequate and appropriate business controls (e.g. procedures, approval levels etc)

Working Capital Management

·       Ensure that business has adequate cash and  bank resources

·       Manage foreign currency and exposure to prevent losses

·       Pay suppliers, staff, taxes etc on time

·       Ensure that customers pay on time and  take action to recover outstanding balances 

·       Liaise with company bankers



·       Contribute to pricing strategy and tenders to ensure that company trades profitably

·       Ensure that customer contracts are reviewed and optimized to ensure profitability

·       Ensure that cost base is appropriate and sustainable

·       Ensure that costs are adequately reviewed and controlled by budget holders

·       Assist in decision making for purchase and deployment of company assets and equipment

·       Ensure that adequate return on investment is achieved


Corporate Governance

·       Comply with business laws and tax regulations wherever company operates

·       Ensure adequate statutory reporting (e.g. file annual audited accounts, tax returns etc)

·       Comply with investment agreements, bank covenants and requirements of Board of Directors

·       Ensure that company structure is tax efficient and transparent

·       Comply with business code of ethics and ensure that suppliers, staff and agents do so

·       Liaise with company lawyers, tax advisers, auditors and others as necessary


Systems and Procedures

·       Ensure that business systems are effective, efficient and appropriate for the business (e.g. computerized financial, asset tracking and operational systems)

·       Establish and maintain suitable financial systems and procedures and ensure that these are well-documented and understood.

Support MD and Operational Managers. This position will work closely with all departmental management and local company directors in:

·       Developing and implementing business strategy consistent with long term goals

·       Assisting and enabling MD and Operational Managers in performance of their duties as necessary

·       Supporting and complying with company values and QHSE system

About the Company

Digital Surveying has over two decades of on-the-ground experience and the clear leader in delivering new technology, highly skilled and trained operators, geologists and geophysicists incorporating extensive quality assurance and reporting processes on and off the borehole involving task risk assessments, equipment calibration and data validation, pre and post logging, DS stands apart in the industry. DS has evolved a set of products to address the most common challenges faced in the mining and subsurface investigation industry, spanning petrophysical, geotechnical and hydrological focus areas.

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