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Directional & Geophysical Surveying Specialists

Digital Surveying strives to provide an unsurpassed level of quality and service to our clients. We will always employ only the most advanced technology available. We will always be honest and open with our clients. We will always conduct our business with professionalism and integrity

Our Rental and Products range includes:

Services include:

  • North Seeking Gyro (INS Gyro)
    High quality gyro directional surveying and steering services providing absolute precision. Surveying inside the drill rod during deep directional drilling programs.
  • Reference Gyro (MEM’s Gyro)
    Directional surveying services with high accuracy. Surveying in locations where vehicle access is limited.
  • Underground Multishot Surveying (EMS)
    Underground multishot surveys on the drill string for any borehole inclination.
  • Geophysical Logging
    Providing a range of geophysical logging services including but not limited to Gamma, Optical Tele Viewer and Acoustical Tele Viewer.
  • Core Orientation Management Services
    Providing complete management services of core orientation.

Online Booking System

Digital Surveying has now completed an initial three month testing period for their new Online Booking System and launched it live to all their clients.

The testing which began late September 2010 has proven that the Online Booking System is a much more effective manner for requesting surveys for any client operating on an Ad-Hoc basis. The system also allows the client responsible for making the request the opportunity to be kept informed during all stages of the service from request until delivery of the data by making use of email and sms services.

Quality System

All Surveys are audited by our in-house Geophysicist. Raw data as well as the compiled report is submitted at very short turn around times.